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Enterprise Internet Provider, Melbourne

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Tired of old applications?

Increase productivity, improve collaboration, and retire outdated applications. F7 offers a range of enterprise-level software including Microsoft Office 365, Zoom, Microsoft Windows, Hubspot, Jira & more.

We are the best enterprise internet solution providers in Melbourne with 

  • Python specialists
  • Azure migration
  • Microsoft licensing
  • Enterprise-grade apps 
  • Angular and React JS app development
  • Power BI analysts and developers
  • Application migration
  • Consultants for ERP and SAP
  • JAVA developers

Move with the times with the best ERP solutions in Melbourne.


Microsoft Office 365


Migrating to Office 365, we provide a full stack support and implementation for Office 365. Migration to Office 365 with 100% success rate. Purchasing Microsoft licencing for Microsoft 365, Office 365, Azure and Dynamics.


Enterprise Application Resources


At F7 we provide remote experienced operation resources for Enterprise ERP and CRM. Resources from SAP ERP,( Core Finance, HR, Plan to product, Plan to pay, order to Cash etc) Microsoft Dynamics, Sales Force are few of the application where F7 provides qualified experienced consultants.

F7 Digital Networks is More Than Your Enterprise Internet Provider

We take a lot of time and effort to study the online structure of your organization in order to migrate it safely.  We are a one-stop solution for all your IT system installation and maintenance needs. 

Our services include – 

Azure migrate – It  is a Microsoft application that allows enterprises to assess the on-premise performance and the cost of hosting in the Azure public cloud. 

Microsoft licensing – Get licensed Microsoft office and applications with authentic Microsoft licensing services.

Power BIOur Power BI analysts and developers develop and administer business intelligence tools. They manage data sources and transform the data into meaningful insights. 

ProgrammingOur programmers are adept in JAVA, Python, Angular, and React JS to easily take care of all your cloud migration and maintenance needs.

ERP consultingWe transition and alter old management systems with expert Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) consultants in Melbourne. Get new and innovative ERP solutions for business management. 

SAP consultancyWe are experts at analyzing, designing, and configuring new computer systems and implementing forms and interfaces. Our SAP consultants in Melbourne spend a lot of time understanding your business needs. 

Our extensive experience across industries makes us adept at maneuvering and circumventing business computer systems and cloud migration.

Enterprise Applications

Why you need an Enterprise App


In a variety of ways, enterprise applications assist developing firms. Enterprise applications have the power to boost productivity and efficiency, which is one of their main benefits. They aid in the optimisation of company processes across the board and the support of new business models with more transparency.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Power Business Intelligence or Power BI is a platform that analyses data and makes visually appealing and scannable reports. The data it extracts is pure data gathered by the enterprise business intelligence. Gain deeper data insight with these AI-generated reports. 

Power BI has three parties that use it – Developers, Analysts and End-users (businesses)

The Power BI analysts and developers have a few differences in their roles. 

Power BI developers have the greatest level of expertise in data. They are comfortable manipulating data to create a fantastic end-user experience. 

Power BI analysts only need a basic knowledge of the data and its structure. They do not need to do any calculations or data transformations. 

We have Python specialists for hire for Power BI python integration. If you let us know your specific needs, we can help. Even if you don’t know what you need, we’ll take a look and make an assessment. 

Absolutely! F7 Digital Networks understands that each enterprise application has unique requirements. We work closely with our clients to provide tailored solutions that align with their specific needs. 

Our team of experts will assess your enterprise application requirements, offer consultation, and design a customized internet connectivity solution. This will ensure optimal performance, scalability, and security.


Azure Migrate helps enterprises assess how on-premise workloads perform and how much they cost to host in the Azure public cloud. 

Knowing this, here are the advantages of Azure migration – 

  1. Save Money – There is no need to maintain server components.
  2. Improve Security – Azure does security management and has superior threat protection.
  3. Dynamic Cloud – You are not limited by infrastructure. The cloud can accommodate the sudden growth of the business. 
  4. Disaster Recovery – All your data is location-independent. You don’t lose in the case of damage to infrastructure. 
  5. Remote Working – Access the Azure cloud from anywhere. 

We can help with seamless Azure migration and take care of any contingencies that arise using our years of expertise. 

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Absolutely! F7 Digital Networks recognizes the growing importance of cloud integration in modern enterprise Java development. Our services seamlessly integrate with popular cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

Our Java developers in Melbourne provide dedicated connectivity options and extensive APIs. This facilitates secure and efficient integration, enabling scalability, flexibility, and access to advanced cloud features.ccordion Content

Yes. We help with cloud and application migration. Get original Microsoft licencing through us. 

Our ERP and SAP consultants have the best business solutions for you. We also have the required specialists for Python, Power BI, JAVA, Angular and React JS, and more. 

Contact us, your enterprise internet provider in Melbourne.

Every business is different. We will give you a quote after we’ve assessed your business needs. We believe only in fair pricing.