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Data & Network Services- Wi-Fi for Companies

As the demand for enterprise networks to hold ever-increasing data grows, a robust infrastructure is a necessity. Resilient infrastructure is becoming increasingly important as the need for corporate networks to handle ever-increasing data develops. Whether it's Carrier Ethernet Networks , Dark Fibre, IP Transit, SD WAN on-premise solutions, or MPLS, F7 Digital's technical experts can assist you in determining the right network technology for your needs.


Ethernet Network


With end-to-end Layer 2 communication between your business sites, carrier ethernet networks provide dependable high performance. Ethernet is the technology that allows clever firms to link their offices for 100% bandwidth and absolute dependability


Dark Fibre


Dark Fibre is your fully dedicated fibre optic point-to-point connection. It provides security and flexibility. It is your own private strand of fibre – resilient, fast and uncompromising. Reach out today to see if Dark Fibre is suitable for your business




An MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) network provides a secure, flexible & cost-effective option when you have several offices that need to share data. You may obtain assured performance for your critical systems, servers, and apps with MPLS.


SD-WAN On-Premises Solution


Managed SD-WAN on-premises solution is software-controlled with a full security suite that gives you more flexibility and control over your Wide Area Network (WAN) from any place. By providing a secure and dependable overlay network, our SD-WAN on-premises solution offers WAN Edge access over your current MPLS, internet, or 4G connections, integrating all of your corporate locations. FortiGate, VeloCloud, Meraki, and Nuage are among the suppliers with which F7 Digital Networks has partnered




Wavelength services are offered across Australia's national DWDM network, which connects all mainland capitals and reaches far into remote areas. We have the network capability to supply quality transmission solutions thanks to our connectivity to all major data centres, more than 5,500 on-net buildings, and many thousands of more sites.Wavelength solutions are ideal for medium to large enterprises looking for highly secure transmission infrastructure


Fast and reliable internet services in Melbourne


The way we work, cooperate, and communicate with consumers is always changing. The pace has accelerated to unprecedented levels. As the workforce and business environment evolve, your company needs a flexible, dependable network that can adapt to these shifts and continually operate at scale and speed. Our technical professionals at F7 Digital work with you to build and deploy network solutions that will improve the performance of your network and your end-users digital experience by allowing them to access to your business apps from anywhere, at any time, on any device.


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Networking Solutions

Business Internet
Service, Melbourne

Business Internet is a scalable, dependable service that is offered through a high-speed fibre network and business Wi-Fi for companies. You get faster access to the material you need, as well as a more smooth online experience, with speeds ranging from 250 Mbps to 1000 Mbps – and integrated DDoS protection. Business Internet and Wi-Fi for companies are ideal for a high-speed, dependable Internet connection. To see if Business Internet is a suitable fit for your company, do the following: Please get in touch with us.


Enterprise Internet


Enterprise Internet is suitable for enterprise and government customers, as well as those who need mission-critical reliability from their internet. It offers unlimited internet traffic, premium performance and reliability, and speeds from 10Mbps to 1Gbps. Enterprise Internet also allows BGP peering, wide availability, and access to DDoS protection services.


IP Transit


IP Transit brings you carrier-grade internet, managed end-to-end with guaranteed bandwidth, and the ability to connect with more BGP communities than any of our competitors. IP Transit is an essential solution for organisations of all sizes, that depend on direct routes to convey content to their customers in Melbourne.

Frequently Asked Questions

Business Wi-Fi for companies is vital for SMBs to avoid stagnation. It is a low-cost method to add mobility and connectivity within the company with efficiency. 

Inhouse business Wi-Fi in IT infrastructure facilitates a framework where all the devices and business processes can be accessed by anyone on the network. For example – printers, computers, and file sharing. 

The internal network speeds are also top-class. This also gives you added security against cyber attacks. 

Contact Us to install your own business Wi-Fi. 

SD-WAN on-premises solution is perfect for your business if you want – 

  • Fast network management without hiccups
  • Customizable IT infrastructure
  • Performance boost
  • Improved security
  • Reliable internal network

SD-WAN stands for Software-Defined Wide Area Networking. SD-WAN is a software-driven network architecture that focuses on connectivity and services between data centers, cloud and remote branches of the company. 

It is very easily accessible and affordable for SMBs because of the minimal infrastructure required to set up SD-WAN. 

Yes, we can provide internet services for multiple office locations within Melbourne. Whether you have a single office or multiple branches, our network solutions are designed to cater to multi-site connectivity. We can help establish secure and reliable connections between your office locations to ensure seamless communication and data transfer.

Our IP transit services in Melbourne give you speeds of 250 MB/s to 1000MB/s. 

Control your data transfer distribution to your customers. It is beneficial to SMBs because they can ensure multiple channels for customers to access their sites, and minimise problems due to high traffic. 

We provide comprehensive technical support for our internet services. Our team of experts is available to assist you with any internet issues. This includes – connectivity issues, troubleshooting, network configuration, and performance optimization. We offer both remote and on-site support to ensure prompt resolution of any technical challenges you may encounter.

Carrier Ethernet Networks can service many businesses at the same time as compared to ethernet. This makes it affordable for SMBs. It also enables users to restrict connection to certain endpoints. 

Businesses of all sizes can use carrier ethernet networks to improve internal communication by connecting to one large network. An internal framework ensures that the business is not affected by external network downtimes.